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Piedmont Hills Library

Library Media Teacher
Hi, I am Mr. Truong, the new librarian at Piedmont.  I will be splitting my time between Piedmont and James Lick.  Before becoming a librarian I was teaching history, government, and economics at Evergreen Valley High. 

Hours of Operation
I will be on Campus Mondays and Tuesdays and some Fridays. I am open during brunch and lunch and 15 minutes before and after school.  

Books and Catalog
Books are checked out for a three-week period and may be renewed if needed.  We also have reference materials as well as a wide selection of books.   

Research Databases:
Databases contain high quality, organized information from reference books, magazines, journals, video clips and more.  It is like having access to a huge
library.  You cannot access most of this information on the Web via a Web search engine.  

Opposing Viewpoints (especially good when you need to persuade or contrast positions)
Science in Context (fascinating scientific information in multiple media formats)
Student Resources in Context  (everything else, all grouped by subject area and format)

Search the Catalog
Search the Database

If you are using the Gale database outside of the schools network you will need a password to login.  The password is: piedmont.

A username and password is required for the Proquest database.  The user name is eastside and the password is esuhsd.  

Other resources

If you are searching outside of the schools network you will need a password to login.  The username is eastside, and the password is esuhsd.

Library Staff

Thoai Truong
Library Media Teacher
Phone: (408) 347-3865

Willy Fabros
Support Services Technician
Phone: (408) 347-3833

Reserve the Library

Look at the library calendar to see if there is an opening for that day.  Send me an email to and I will schedule you in.  I am also available on Mondays and Tuesdays to demonstrate how to use the database, look for information, and to collaborate with fellow teachers.


Citation Resources:


     Purdue Online Writing Lab

     UMUC Library

News Outlets:

     New York Times   

     Associated Press

     PBS News Hour

     National Public Radio

     British Broadcasting Co.



     National Geographic

     Scientific American


     Library of Congress

     New York Public Library

     San Jose Public Library