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AP US History
Posted 5/22/19


  1. Read the book “1491” by Charles C. Mann.  For every chapter, and for Appendices A through D, respond to the following with two or three paragraphs.
    1. Pick a quotation which you find to be important and/or interesting.  Type the quotation and explain your reasons for selecting it.
    2. React to the chapter as it engaged both your intellect and your emotion.  
    3. Describe and explain one new thing you learned from the chapter
  1. Listen to the soundtrack of the musical “Hamilton” by Lin Manuel Miranda.  Answer the following questions with one short paragraph.
    1. What early hardships did Hamilton overcome?
    2. What do Burr and Hamilton have in common?
    3. What is the fundamental difference between Burr and Hamilton?
    4.  What do Lafayette, Laurens, and Mulligan each want out of the Revolution?
    5. What philosophical work inspired Angelica Schuyler?
    6. What is Angelica Schuyler’s main criticism of Jefferson?
    7.  Why did some English colonists disagree with the Revolution?
    8.  Why does King George feel justified in controlling the colonies?
    9. What were George Washington’s main challenges during the war?
    10. What are Angelica’s three reasons she cannot be with Hamilton?
    11.  Why does Washington refuse to give Hamilton a combat command?
    12. What was the Americans’ secret weapon in defeating the English?
    13.  How did Hercules Mulligan contribute to victory at Yorktown?
    14. Why did Hamilton, Madison and Jay write the Federalist Papers?  How many did Hamilton write?
    15. What positions did Hamilton and Jefferson have in Washington’s cabinet?  What did those jobs entail?
    16. What are the arguments for and against a National Bank which would take on state debt ?
    17. Why does Hamilton stay home while his family vacations upstate?
    18. What was the agreement reached by Hamilton Madison and Jefferson regarding the National Bank?
    19. Why did Burr switch political parties?
    20. Why does Hamilton decide to publish the details of his indiscretions?
    21. Why did Eliza finally forgive Hamilton?
    22. Why does Hamilton support Jefferson against Burr?
    23.  Did Hamilton intend to kill Burr ?  Read the lyrics and the annotations to find evidence to support your opinion.
    24. What is your favorite song from Act I ?  Read the annotations for this song.  What are the most interesting things you learned from the song?
    25. What is your favorite song from Act II ?  Read the annotations for this song.  What are the most interesting things you learned from the song?
    26. Who is your favorite character ?  Research this person and list 10 interesting facts about this person.