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De Anza College Updates for Seniors
Posted 4/13/20

De Anza has developed several virtual resources for students. Students will be able to complete all their core enrollment services online. 



  • Students can complete their application on our website

  • We also have a video that helps explain the application process.   


  • Student’s placements (math and English) will still be based on the students’ GPA they reported on their application. There is no need to submit transcripts unless they did not report a GPA on their application.  

  • ESL students can now do their assessment online. They can sign up for an ESL assessment on our ESL Assessment page. Unfortunately, we are not offering in-person assessments during the shelter-in-place.  

  • We have also created a step-by-step video for students to find and understand their placements.   


  • Students can also complete the orientation requirement online. This is a self-paced orientation that students can complete from the comfort of their homes. However, students must first submit the application and receive their De Anza ID number (CWID) before completing the orientation. It normally takes 24-48 business hours for a CWID to be generated.  

  • We are creating zoom orientation workshops for those students who would rather have a “face-to-face" interaction with a counselor. Zoom link to the orientations - To be announced

Education Plan:  

  • We have created a step-by-step tutorial video that can help students create their education plan.  

  • Students can also schedule a phone or zoom appointment with one of our outreach counselors by emailing us at 

Video Help Series: Easy Steps for Important Tasks


Do you remember VHS cassettes? De Anza has a new kind of VHS – a Video Help Series that offers quick tips and easy steps that students can follow to complete important tasks, such as


If students have any questions or need general assistance, please email