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Seniors-Last chance to make sure we have the correct attending college
Posted 5/20/20

Seniors Attending College as of 5/20/20:


Many students failed to submit the senior survey and quite a few did submit but did not indicate an "attending" college.  We realize not ever student will attend college next year.   As a reminder, if you don't tell us your attending college, we won't be able to send a final transcript and the college you are planning to attend may revoke you admissions offer for not meeting their final transcript deadline.  Above is a link where you can check your ID and attending college to make sure you did it correctly.  A couple of things to know:


1).  We don't send transcripts to community colleges. If you have a unique reason why you need yours sent you will need to request one on  You still need to complete the survey.


2). If your college of attendance changes or you do not fill out the survey or indicate the attending college by May 28, the final transcript will not be sent for you.  You will instead need to order one


3). If you make an error on your survey, your counselor can reopen it for you between now and May 28.