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National Honor Society For 2020-2021!
Posted 5/23/20

Hey guys! On behalf of Ms. Liu, Ms. Higgins and myself, I'd like you to think about applying for the National Honor Society for our upcoming school year 2020-2021! 


The application has two main parts: An application/cover sheet that YOU fill out. In it, you will do the obvious like name and stuff, but will also provide a list of who your recommendations will be from AND submit a letter of intent (that's like a persuasive essay about your best traits for us to read and get to know you better). It's more of a "Why I want to join NHS" sorta essay. 


The SECOND part is a LINK you will send to folks you want to recommend you. It's all digital this year, so send them the link and they'll fill out the Google Form. 


Since this is a weird year and we're TERRIBLY behind, we're giving you until JUNE 30 to submit everything. It's up to you to check up on the folks recommending you. If they don't fill it out, you'll be held responsible. 


The links only allow you to submit ONCE, so please have everything ready. 


Again - everything in this entire process is digital. Any verifications of service hours will have to be scanned and submitted. 



Do we have a limit of NHS members? Nope. We're usually in the 30's range of members though. It just weirdly works out that way most years. No set limit though - promise. 


What keeps kids from getting in the most?

Demonstrated leadership. Year after year, we get the best and brightest students applying. We read through their applications and absolutely love these kids but they have no leadership positions that they can demonstrate. Make sure to find recommenders that can demonstrate honor, community service, integrity, leadership - or a combination of the above. 


Who can write a recommendation?

So glad you asked! Obviously PHHS staff and coaches can. 


But who else can write one?

Anyone that has witnessed you being any or all of the qualities of an NHS member - leadership, integrity, honor, etc. Your pastor that watched you lead Sunday school, your Saturday school leader that watched you teach multiple kids at once, your Boy/Girl Scout leader that has witnessed integrity, leadership, etc. 


What happens after I'm a member?
You'll just have to wait and see. 


Please feel free to email us with any questions. GMAIL us at, or and we can try to help. 


See you next year!