My name is Samantha Aochi and I have been teaching at Piedmont Hills High School since 2017. I earned my BS in Kinesiology and my MS in Social Psychology. I was a personal trainer from 2001-2011 and knew fitness and health would always be a part of my life. I participated in Volleyball, Basketball, Softball and Cheerleading while in High School, and later went on to play Softball in College. I have always had a passion for Strength and Conditioning and the idea of teaching our youth that their bodies and health is superior to any other success in life. In 2012 I started my teaching career and decided to earn my Teaching Credential in Physical Education. 

I currently teach P.E. Course 1 and P.E. Course 3. I am an avid CrossFitter and stay active everyday of the week. My hope is to inspire students to live an active life that focuses on longevity, happiness, and the ability to do anything physically they want.