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About Me

    Hi!  I'm Sra. Chavarria.  I teach Spanish 1 and 2 at Piedmont Hills High School.  I was interested in speaking Spanish ever since my older brother first got to take Spanish with Sra. Silig, in 5th and 6th grade.  Later, I was able to meet Sra. Silig, who came to all the schools in the district to give us about an hour of Spanish a week.  It was a fun introduction with movies (reel to reel) and conversational Spanish.

     I took Spanish in junior high, two years, with Mr. Deforest Andrews, who was an impeccable teacher.  He is also an artist.  You might see his signature on some poster art of his day.  His artist name is "Frosty".  Those were the days of compact Spanish-English, English-Spanish dictionaries.  It was fun to create sentences and questions for anyone we could find with whom to speak Spanish.

    From there it is history.  I took four years of Spanish at Branham High School.  We didn't have AP Spanish in those days, but I took Spanish 5, my last year, since I was able to enter Spanish 2 in high school.  I really loved learning Spanish; thus, I decided to add French to my schedule when I was a sophomore.

     At Santa Clara University I majored in Spanish and French.  It was a cool excuse to read some classics as the majority of my college coursework. During the summer of my junior year I had a marvelous opportunity to go on a work exchange, through a program at Foothill College.  I spent two months working in a small Basque, seaside hotel  in France.  It is called L'hotel Villa Clara, in Biarritz.  During the afternoon, I had about a four hour break, and I could ride a bike into, Irun, Spain.  It was quite a place for me.  After the summer stint of child care "animatrice" slash dish dryer was over, it was time to tour on the Eurorail system.  That was in the day before the "euro" was used for money.  It was a whirlwind train tour, of mostly France and Spain, a day in Austria, and a few days in Swizterland.  It was difficult to try to see everything in Europe in only about three weeks.  Sometimes invitations from families changed the couse of my travels.  It was a very rich way to experience the cities, from the point of view of families who had become my friends.

     After graduating from Santa Clara university, and after working primarily at Underwriters Laboratories as a technical writer, it was time to join the Peace Corps to put my Spanish to work.


!Hola estudiantes!
!Hola estudiantes!
Ninas en Otavalo
Ninas en Otavalo
Quiere taco bell
Quiere taco bell
el preterito y el imperfecto

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