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Current Assignments

Computer Graphic Design

Students will explore the exciting world of graphic design and commercial art. The class will focus on electronic image manipulation and page layout using Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and

Photoshop. Students will learn the fundamentals of the design process, visual communication theory, and elements and principles of art. This class introduces the techniques, technology, and theory of rast (bitmapped) and vector digital images. Students will create CD covers, magazine covers, flyers, newsletters, brochures, logos, and digital art work  

Economics of Small Business Ownership


This one-year course is the capstone of the Entrepreneurship/Applications Magnet at PHHS.

Students will participate in running a screen-printing business called in Insane Ink. In this course, students study business planning, management, marketing and basic financial concepts while learning how to organize and operate a small business. Students will learn skills for employment in today's growth industries as well as skills transferable to professions of the future. The class will be taught in a computer lab where students will design and manage databases, manage a web site, develop sales presentations skills, create promotional material, and analyze financial information. This is a class in which the students will be activity involved in running a business. All students will need teacher approval before enrolling in this class  

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