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Welcome All!


Hello Pirate Family,


My name is Cerissa Phillips, and I am honored to teach here at PHHS and be a part of the Pirate ship!  Below, please find the course syllabus and expectations for the year.   



Course Overview



English 2 is focused on honing the reading comprehension and writing ability of 10th grade students. This course will prepare students for sophomore, junior, and senior levels of study through an emphasis of the understanding and application of rhetoric. A study of literary allusions in literature will develop their understanding of how authors use rhetorical strategies. Students will read to analyze a variety of styles and genres of literature including fiction, non-fiction, and drama. Students will write in multiple modes and styles, with major assessments in narrative, compare and contrast, literary analysis, and argumentation. Students will be able to identify, develop, and support a thesis statement within their writing.


Objectives-- Students will learn:




  • To connect the text to personal, historical, and contemporary knowledge
  • To read closely for details, motifs, and symbols to analyze theme and purpose
  • To understand the purpose and effect of literary terms



  • To practice the writing process (brainstorming, outlining, revising, editing, proofreading, publishing, celebrating) for coherence, development, insight and effect
  • To master sentence fluency
  • To use MLA format in research writing
  • To use rhetorical strategies for a specific effect
  • To write a unique thesis and developing it thoroughly in an essay
  • To write in varied modes (argumentative, narrative/descriptive, comparison and contrast, rhetorical analysis, literary analysis)



  • To work in cooperative groups to analyze and synthesize meaning toward a cohesive finished product
  • To present synthesized ideas to an audience
  • To enhance contextual information through literature
  • To incorporate terminology into daily use




  • To systematically study the proper use of grammar
  • To make progress both in correcting mistakes in your own writing as well as that of your peers.


Academic Integrity:


Students should be aware that Academic Integrity is of great importance at Piedmont Hills High School, and a violation of Academic integrity will result in escalating disciplinary action as outlined below:


Violations 0} Academic Integrity = Cheating, Plagiarism, and Academic Dishonesty including, but not limited to:

  • Copying of sharing questions or answers with others from an exam, test, quiz, assessment, etc., with the intent to cheat.
  • Talking with other students during a test or quiz
  • Using any kind of cheat notes or unauthorized materials to improve academic performance
  • Copying homework, lab assignments, or creative projects
  • Allowing another student to copy homework, projects, tests, or other assignments
  • Falsifying data on lab assignments
  • Reporting on a book that was not read or read previous to the assignment without permission of the instructor
  • Plagiarizing (taking credit for another person's work or another person's words or ideas in a research paper or project)


Disciplinary Actions:


1  "0" grade for the assignment and lnformational Discipline Referral

2   Parent Conference with l day suspension

3 - Parent Conference with 2-3 day suspension, schedule change.



English 2 Textbook, Lord of the FliesSecret Life of Bees, The Joy Luck Club, “Twelve Angry Men”


Grading Scale

All assignments, quizzes, essays, and projects will be graded on a point driven basis, and will be converted to a percentage based upon the following scale:

100%-90% A        89%-80% B      79%-70%  C      69%-60% D     59% Below F




Students are expected to attend class daily and participate therein. Students are not allowed to make up missing or incomplete assignments unless there is an excused absence. With an excused absence, students have two days from the date of their absence to turn in missing work. Students are expected to arrive to class punctually, prepared with the necessary books (novels, textbook, etc.).



Folder Inventory Notebooks


It is recommended that you have a class-color-coordinated two-pocket folder for your class work and homework to be graded. I do not collect work on a daily basis; therefore, you must keep track of all of your assignments in the folder. Folder Inventory checks will be done approximately each quarter. Your folders must be kept neatly organized as well as contain a cover sheet (provided by me) for your work to be graded. Your class color-coded folder is__________________________ . It is due by ________________________.



Period 2nd:  Red

Period 3rd:  Blue

Period 4th: Green

Period 6: Orange

Period 7: Black




It is also recommended that you have a composition notebook. There will be daily warm-ups where you will practice your writing fluency. But why? The purpose of doing daily warm-ups is to empower you with the ability to think quickly and respond accordingly within a full page. It is expected that you will have trouble completing the warm-ups within the allotted time frame for the first few weeks of the semester.  It will, however, get easier for you as time passes. Writer's block will no longer be an issue within your writing. The warm-ups are completed in your notebooks/compositions and timed for a total of 7 minutes. I do not grade the warm-ups by content and grammar. They are graded based upon the thoroughness of your response and fluency. 


1 page= 5 points

3/4 page= 3.5 points

½  page= 1.5-2 points



Extra Credit


I do not offer extra credit on a regular basis. However, I will offer Homework Passes where you will be given the opportunity to skip a night’s homework.  You may redeem these passes for extra credit at the end of the semester. ­­

Current Assignments