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Auysh Mathur
Auysh Mathur


  • 55% Photographic Projects
  • 20% Participation
  • 25% AP Portfolio

Late Work & Redos

  • Assignments, Contact Sheets, Evaluations, and Tutorials  can be turned in up to 5 days late, each day the student will lose 10% of their grade. After 5 days work will not be accepted.
  • ASSIGNMENTS submitted ON TIME can be redone for a higher grade. 


Course Description

Digital Photography 2 is a UC approved course.

AP Credit is available for Digital Photography 2 Students.


Digital Photography 2 is a year-long course in photography that provides students with a variety of technical and creative skills.  Students will learn manual camera functions including control of aperture, shutter speed, and lens choice.  Camera Raw workflow, continued exploration of Photoshop, and digital asset management using Adobe Bridge will be taught.  


Students will also focus on portraiture and principles of lighting using studio strobes and light modifiers. Emphasis will be placed on the creative and commercial aspects of studio photography, retouching and enhancing images, and professional display of photographs.

Abigail Tecson 2019 Downtown Doors Winner
Abigail Tecson 2019 Downtown Doors Winner
2018 San Jose Downtown Door Winner, Joann Nguyen
2018 San Jose Downtown Door Winner