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Tammy Hoang
Tammy Hoang

Late Work?

Assignments can be turned in up to 5 days late, each day the student will lose 10% of their grade.


After 5 days work will not be accepted.


Any assignment that is turned in ON TIME can be redone for a higher grade.


Students who submit a project late, will not be able to improve their grade.


Course Description


Digital Photography 1 is a beginning course that focuses on the basics of both photography and art.  Students learn about historical photographic processes by creating their own Cyanotypes based on the work of Anna Atkins, and making their very own camera to create Pinhole photographs.  As the class advances students will experiment and explore the digital camera and digital image editing.  Emphasis is placed on creative problem solving, critical thinking, organization, and positive work habits.  Digital Photography 1 is preparation course for photography 2.

Diego Papa
double exposure final final.jpg


50% Photographic Projects 

20% Participation (Daily Participation Grade)

20% Final Portfolio (Collections of best work of the semester and Project Evaluations)

10% Evaluations (Worksheets, Project Evaluations, Research Project)


Julissa Rivas
Julissa Rivas

Do you need a project REGRADED?

If you need an assignment REGRADED send me a loop mail with the name of the project and your period. 


ONLY PHOTOGRAPHIC ASSIGNMENTS and CONTACT SHEETS ARE RE-GRADEABLE, Evaluations, Photoshop Basics, and Read & Respond Projects are not eligible for REGRADES. 


If there was an ERROR in the calculation of your grade, or you just have a question about your grade please see Mr. T at BREAK or LUNCH so we can make sure you receive the correct grade.


I DO NOT answer questions about grades DURING THE PERIOD, as this takes time away from the class.