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Contact Information

Sharlisa Byrd

Parent & Community

Involvement Specialist


Phone: 408-347-3842



My office is located in the guidance office next to Mrs. Perez.

Parent Connection and Meetings

On September 2, 2014 Piedmont Hills held our first Parent meeting. It was a huge success. I would like to thank all the parents who came out and supported our school and the students. I am looking forward to seeing an even greater turn out at our next meeting. Our next First Tuesday meeting will be on October 7, 2014. I look forward to seeing you all there.

At the district office we have our African American Student Advocate meetings. This gives our African American parents a chance to sit and talk with the Superintendent Chris D. Funk and Juan Cruz, the  Associate Superintendent of Educational Services. The next meeting will be held September 11, 2014 at the District Office beginning at 6:00 pm.

I invite you all to please take this opportunity to have your voices heard and help create a new innovative global society for our students. 



The Piedmont Hills Bridge to Success Parent Center

The Pirate Parents News Page

Hello my name is Sharlisa Byrd. I am Piedmont Hills High School's new Parent and Community Involvement Specialist. I am here to serve you.  Please think of me as your personal Concierge. This page will provide a helpful tool for parents and the community to learn about current events, hot topics,and parent involvement opportunities. Parents and community members will find this newsletter a great way to learn about our school and to stay connected.

Our goal is to build an investment of trust, communication and parent relations that will last generations. We want to create an environment of parent awareness that will cultivate and produce a cultural academic atmosphere that will flourish and honor the wonderful ethnic and linguistic diversity that reflects the students of Piedmont Hills.

I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you. If anyone has any questions I can be reached at 408-347-3842.


So on behave of Piedmont Hills High School, Please relax and enjoy  the 2014-2015 school year.


What is Piedmont Hills Bridge to Success Parent Center

The Piedmont Hills Bridge to Success Center will be a parent &community beacon with a focal point on bridging the gap between parents, the community and the school system. It is a one stop periphery where families within our community can come attend workshops, receive free training, have access to computers and voice their concerns, and opinions in a friendly environment. We will ensure that the center will provide a welcoming atmosphere for all who enters.  The center will offer an assortment of workshops and training aimed to amplify our communities’ awareness on many different areas. We invite you all to join us. 

What's New & Up Coming Events

The book room opened with a huge success. Teachers,administration and most importantly parents all chipped in and provided a helping hand. We would like to give a special thank you to Melissa Tang, and Carla Anderson. They are  two of the many  wonderful parents who go above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you so much for all your support during the first week of school.

If any one has something or someone they would like to see highlighted in our parent connection please feel free to call and contact me. 


Up Coming Events


September 16, 2014 CSU is hosting a College Night at the Santa Clara County Convention Center. 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm.


September 17, 2014 ESUHSD is have our College Night at Independence High School 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm.


September 27, 2014 8:300 am- 1:30 pm- Our Annual Parent Empowerment Conference Please review the flyer


Your Invited- Back To School Night

On Behalf of Piedmont Hill's High School. We would like to cordially invite all of our parents and community members to the 2014- 2015 Back to School Night. This event will take place at Piedmont Hills High School on September 10, 2014 at 6:00 pm. We hope everyone can come and experience the wonderful journey of learning that our students are engaging in. Here is your chance to see first hand the cultural academic of excellence that Piedmont Hills continues to strive to achieve on a daily basis. Meet the teachers, staff and administration.  See what your students have accomplished thus far. Please come and join us. 


Quote Of The Month

Scholarship Opportunities

Each month as Information about different scholarships become available. They will be highlighted here. This month's scholarship is:

The 2nd Annual Box Engineering Diversity Scholarship

Box awards one $20k and four $4k scholarships to college students of diverse backgrounds who are currently in a STEM program and plan to pursue technical careers.Details of the scholarship can be found listed below.The application deadline is Oct 15th. Good Luck

Issues and Publications

I know a lot of our parents would like a little more information in regards to The New Common Core State Standards in our math programs. Please follow the link below  and this should answer  most of  your questions. 



Resource Spot Light

Every month we will provide our parents with the opportunity to gain more information on a resource or agency that may benefit the community. For the Month of September our spot light is on Covered California.

Covered California:

Covered California is a part of the state of California and was created to help families get health coverage to protect themselves and their loved ones. Having healthcare insurance can ensure your access to medical care if you get sick or  injured, so that you can keep your body healthy, and receive the best possible care both mentally and physically. You can find out how to enroll in Covered California by visiting the covered California website or by calling  (800) 300-1506. You are always welcomed to contact me personally. Any assistance I can offer will be a pleasure. 

School Loop


Please join our private online learning community-School Loop. It is an easy and quick process that will allow us to all work together to help students succeed.

You will get a email every weekday with a list of all homework assigned. After your child has logged into school Loop, you can also login to your own custom homepage with easy access to the classrooms, Websites and teachers. Students can get homework help, check archived assignments,communicate with each other and their teachers. Please visit to register for a free School Loop email specifically relating to your child, their schedule, homework, and news.

If you have any questions or problems setting up your account, please give me a call. 

Volunteers Greatly Appreciated

 Volunteers please Sign up here