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Melissa Gonzalez





Office hours: 7:45-9:10am



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About Me

My name is Melissa Gonzalez and I am a native speaker of Spanish, learning both Spanish and English at a very young age on the island of Puerto Rico.  I teach beginning level one through AP. My 12 years of experience in teaching Spanish in private, public and Charter Schools, with Elementary, Middle and High School age students, exemplifies my ability to adapt to diverse tasks and work environments. I have also served in a leadership capacity, training and guiding world language teachers in after school language programs for IES Language Foundation.  I work with great effort to teach my class to the best of my abilities and insure that the acquiring of fluency in the Spanish language takes place.  I base my units and lesson plans on the CA World Language Content Standards as well as the Common Core and ACTFL World Readiness standards for the teaching of World languages.  I believe in professional development as essential to keeping teachers at the top of their game using the latest methodologies and teaching strategies to engage their students. To this end I have attended various workshops geared toward teaching with comprehensible input and teaching proficiency through reading and storytelling. I also have attended workshops at Stanford through SWLP geared towards thematic unit planning and the incorporation of technology in the World Language Classroom.


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