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P. 1 Drama 1 (G01)

P. 2 Prep

P. 3 English 2 (F13)

P. 4 English 2 (F13)

P. 5 English 2 (F13)

P. 6 English 1 (F13)

P. 7 Observation (G01)


Ms. Navarro received her Bachelor of Arts in English Education from San Jose State University with minors in Theatre Arts and Child and Adolescent Development. She is currently teaching English 1, English 2, and Drama 1. A vehement advocate for sociocultural and project-based learning, she strives to create collaborative experiences in the classroom that connect course material to students’ lives outside of school. She encourages students to explore the expressive possibilities of language, and equips them with the communicative skills necessary for success in any field. She urges students to view all aspects of their lives through the critical lens that academics use to analyze literature. Most of all, she seeks to nurture a love of the human connection forged through the written and spoken word. She looks forward to fostering the academic, social, and emotional growth of her young adult students.


The study of English fosters critical readers, thoughtful observers, skilled communicators, and close listeners. In Ms. Navarro's class, students express their ideas in a variety of modes, requiring them to write using increasingly complex patterns and techniques. They analyze texts from different times and cultures to recognize what those texts say and how the texts' structures reinforce their themes. However, students of English recognize that no one interpretation is absolute and that ambiguity is what drives exploration. Students use the analytical skills they practice with literature and nonfiction to interpret and evaluate various forms of media. They demonstrate their expertise not only through multi-paragraph essays, but also through discussions, speeches, debates, presentations, and performances.


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