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Scheduling-4-Year Plan


SEPTEMBER-Students will take career assessments through Naviance to help them narrow down a career path, which helps them select appropriate courses.

OCTOBER/NOVEMBER-Students will meet with their counselor one-one-one to complete a 4-year plan and to discuss graduation and college requirements along with future plans.

DECEMBER-There will be a parent meeting in December to walk parents through the process.

JANUARY/FEBRUARY-In January there will be course offering videos available along with an Elective Fair at lunch on January 24th.  Counselors will have brief one-on-one meetings with students to review their next year's schedule in late January/early February.

MARCH-For those who selected an AP course, there will be an AP Information Night on March 3rd. Final AP decisions must be made immediately after this night so that hiring and schedule building can begin.

MAY-Students will receive a printout of their 2020-2021 course selections to review for accuracy.

This completes the scheduling process for the 2020-2021 school year. Students will have an opportunity to revise their 4-year plan annually.